Monday, November 24, 2008

“I wish you could talk!”

She looked white.
Almost dead, all the words unsaid
Echoing in her eyes
I held her close
But she chose
To wriggle away
Never say

I told her
To unfold her
Complicated world
She’s just a girl

I am so tired
Of trying
To awaken her
I will retire
With her dying

Suddenly I opened
Her eyes
Ignoring her will
She stared
Almost glared

“I wish you could talk!”
I screamed out loud
“I wish you could talk!”
Lifting the cloud

“I wish you could talk!”
Lessen the pain
“I wish you could talk!”
Become you again

She opened her mouth to speak
Numbers, words, moments and dates
A slur of thoughts seep
Into the air
And I stare
Never knew it was all in there

She goes on
And on
Her face white
Her words clearer now
Her sentences right

Color came into her eyes
Logic discarding her senseless ties
With old lies
She tries

It’ll get better
I tell her faintly
It’ll get better
And you’ll see

In the water
She appears calmer
As I reach out to touch
My reflection is distorted
But much

To my surprise
Greets me
New day

I know what she’d say
I know the thoughts
In her mind
The times she’s left behind
Don’t know what we’ll find