Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fading Rainbow

The music u played
Came with the magic
That stayed
Longer than it should
I never thought I would

Incomplete are my words
Scattered thoughts
Run alongside
Every memory that plays
Lost in the haze

I was smiling
As I leaned out of your car window
I was smiling
I knew I had to let this all go
Like the fading rainbow

I looked at you
The curve of that dimpled mouth
And my thoughts began to sway
I could, probably
End it this way

So hollow without u
My body aches
Not that I can't survive
Not that I wouldn't do it twice

To live through the colour
And the pain
All over again
When was it that you
Let me fall

Away from you
On the other side of the wall
Expected to stand tall
I'll take my bag

My moments, my love
My all that wasn't good enough
Watch as my going gets tough

Dreaming in circles

I will for awhile

Be completely mindless

I shall survive

I was smiling
As I leaned out of your car window
I was smiling
I knew I had to let this all go

Like my fading rainbow

Like my fading rainbow..



Anonymous said...

phlz complete it

Twisted Whispers said...

I had written something on the same...i cudn't complete i didn't post it..m glad u did!!!

lots of love!

Ragini said...

Very poetic. Very real. You're visual in your writing, so I can 'watch' it all happening.

push said...

bhawika- what were u writing on? rainbow? :P
ragini- thanks !

The person who knows absolutely nothing! said...

You have described the rpocess of letting go more than once.

You do realise that you haven't got past stuff, probably.


More than your blog, I like the fact that you always post at the supposed 'odd' hours. Makes reading your blog much more fantastic!

Happy Graduation!


push said...

Neha- Lovely to see ur comments.. after a long time..and thats quite a nice blog cracker lady, dig the blog title!
i didnt know you notice the time i post stuff. yes it usually at the so called 'odd' hours, but i'm so nocturnal i cant help it!

Letting go is a constant process, as is letting in... :)

Anonymous said...

i notice u dream i circles a lot...

Jasmine said...

My Baby...

You'll keep smiling!
I'll keep you smiling...

Rohit Talwar said...

Yeah, it's come right back. And you'll let it happen, even though you'd be telling yourself something else.

Rohit Talwar said...



Anonymous said...

The white ghost of the memories
Walks around the house
Without a clue
That I see it

It makes horrible sounds
That I want to block out
As it does the slow, steady rounds
With the naked display of the white skin
The canvas of the past
On display are the cuts, wounds n broken stitches
All the murdered desires, the murdered wishes
In the gush of water
In the rustle of leaves
In my own heartbeat
It makes me hear all the unwanted sounds
Even when its not around

It passes suddenly by me
Without taking note of me
It goes on and on
With those horrible sounds
And those slow, steady rounds

What do I do of this white ghost of memories?
Who walks around the house
Without a little clue
That I see it

Anonymous said...

(the music plays)

Exactly how you hear it
Was it exactly how it came down?

I cant be so sure it was right
Don't wanna be the one wit insight.
I'm blinded now, blue as ever
No fading rainbow passes me by
I feel dumb while u thot me clever.

Its all a mystery soon to reveal
The wounds are all soon to heal.
But for the pure heart

Intense heat purifies gold
Or so I'm being told
Words knock the door and leave untold.
The story is yet to unfold
Glazed with dazzling gold.
All Yours.


push said...

I knew it was you, yes i did.