Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The scene plays on
With an enchanting song
Within my head
Against a shade of red.

I speculate
The drama disseminates
Into various sides of me
Into a psychotic fantasy

The cloud bursts
It breaks-
It takes-
Me in.
Stream out-
As the light grows dim

Reflections in the mirror
Stare at me
A face I can’t remember
Is all I can see

My body trembles
My words fumble
I’ve loaded the gun
The fun has just begun

I smile as thoughts
Breeze through my brain
Feeling my anger
Feeling my pain

The drama takes its turns
My heart shivers and burns
As laughter echoes through the air
Someone is crying somewhere

I stand up from the floor
I wont sit anymore
The colors are too bright
This has to end tonight.

Has it rained blood
From the skies
Or has it emerged from the ground
Is it visible to just my eyes
Or has it finally been found?

I will awaken
When the drama ends
I will awaken
When the dialogues descend

The colors seem to be fading
The theme strained
The words splattered
The characters shattered

Why do I feel so different
Have I changed
Or am I deranged

The series of pictures
With the flowing etude
My paradise
My escapement
Falls silent after subdue

I submerge into reality
And realize that I cant
Locked within glass
Am I free at last?

I feel so trapped
So deserted
So empty
Is this my future
My destiny?

I see my body lying
In a pool of blood
Silently dying
Its screams unheard

So much it has felt
Heard and seen
Life would have been long
If my soul wasn’t stuck in between

What have I done
I came out alive everytime
What have I done
I’ve destroyed my own time.

Pushpanjali Banerji