Friday, October 31, 2014

The you -call- me -first.

Are u not sleeping.  Are you awake. It's the same question. Different take. It seemed to rhyme there and I'm fine here. Making no sense at all passing the time here. Breaking but not broken, freaking but fine here. Wondering what's taken although I've got what is mine here. Speaking in secrets faking a cigarette.  There is no shame in those wandering thoughts. Okay I'm drifting and the cloud is lifting. Before I start dreaming tell me if we're meeting.  My phone is a good place although we can't have a coffee. We can't have a kiss, we can't have a night.  We can have the pleasure of just saying goodnight.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

That night

What if we were not we.  We were there, by the edge of the cold road ..hanging on for dear life.
The cars would pass us by.. the head lights bright and deafening.  The night would never begin till the city fell silent.
We would untangle from our embrace and I would find it hard to breathe. But you would make me.

And  there was a spot. By the side of the flyover we would go underground.  We would change. Transform.  Maybe we were never human.  Or maybe we are and no one else is.
We can float now.  We can creep up through the ground like a new root breaks the ground till the leaves unfurl..
We don't sleep. We fly. Your skin glistens and there is rhythm in everything. . We can see the patterns.. We can read the universe.
The night is ours.

What if. But didn't we just live it? Just a little bit?


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The furry playlist

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