Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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my secret letter to you

my secret letter to you

okay, so there was that moment when you stood up and you took it. it kept on coming like rain on a stormy day and the dam had burst but you were standing there, on the edge but yet strong and there was that thought going through your mind.

on a better day, you’ll laugh. when all the bubbles have burst, the rain will feel like nothing but a good warm shower. you would have felt so much, that the fist you clenched the words you held within became silence, and silence was your weapon, knowing it will speak for you, delivered with a smile.

I’ll be there beside you holding on to you, you’re my rock. and when they crash against you they break, they don’t know what hit them.

I feel you.

Every breath you take cautious and cold. its never easy to imagine things- how they will unfold, who’ll be your friend, what your experiences can make you.. but its really not that much of a mystery...its really how you’ll respond to things that will shape the outcome.

But you know that.

We fight alone. despite the love, the protection, we fight. we become our friend. we learn. but because everything you do, you do for us, I cant explain how much that means to me.

So when that storm was crashing in.. I’m glad you didn’t run and hide. Didn’t take any shelter. You let it all go. You let it show you the worst. Because once you’d seen that, you changed. Nothing can shake you since.

Its crazy. Things I would have never experienced I’m living through you.

I feel pain when you feel pain. I feel anger when you feel anger. I can break someone’s face when you tell me they hurt you. But I’m like a useless book.. all I can do is talk to you, and I can never make it better. I can never do anything.

I love you. I sincerely believe if there’s one man who can deal with real situations its you. if there is one man who can have a tornado and a sandstorm thrown at him at once and would still survive – its you. if there’s one man who can make miracles.. its you.

and that’s why, you’re the one I want for good..

because with you in my life, I know I’ll make it. no matter what.


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