Monday, October 4, 2010

the same song

she opens the music box
she fills music
into the air
in a stranger's stare

the man and woman
come alive
as the key turns
the heart burns

in circles
they move
silently lost
to be faintly found

what they feel
is not what they reveal
secrets concealed

yet the music box
plays on and on
the same song

the same song

January 13, 2008

I told someone..

it was about how your other half becomes your whole world... like, why is that??

"Yeah I guess you're right.
But I guess its because loneliness hurts so much more, that when you have someone to share, be there you want to spend time, spend your energy on them. But losing your identity is something else. When you lose sight of what you were, when that someone started loving you, you're depriving them of the real you, and yourself.
I'd say- Be in love. Build that universe. Build your world bigger than its been, bring in all your little habits, your past, present, future, your friends, your mom and your granny. But be in it, as you, the real you, always. "


Sometimes the problem is that you just cant seem to stand and watch,
and sometimes the problem is that you just stood and watched.