Friday, January 15, 2010

And it won’t hurt at all :) a song...

Let it go my baby
You know
Things just
Come to go

Sometimes I
Wake up with a broken heart
And sometimes
I mend it through the day

I’m back to the start
My baby
But life is so big
Its easy to get lost

In the little things
That make everyday
As the little things
Matter the most to all

I know you fell
When you tried walking baby
I know it hurt a lot

But now you run
Faster than the wind
And it don’t hurt at all
No it don’t hurt at all

So close your eyes
As you hear me singing
I’m right here
With you

Dream a dream
For the whole world baby
Cause people rarely do

And through it all
You’ll hear me singing
Cause I’m right here
With you

You’ll change
All that you don’t like
Cause you only have to

Change yourself
And it won’t hurt at all
No it don’t hurt at all

jan 2010-01-15

Thursday, January 14, 2010

loving these right now!!! Hippo Chips :)

I rarely write about food, but I love these new chips, and I love the name and ADORE the packaging! Its really nice and best part- its baked, made out of bread.
I keep a pack near my work desk :P thai-chilli is the best flavour. Its right up there now with my all time fave- CRAX!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Strange. Feels like I'm chasing someone, but in my heart, I want them to get away..