Monday, December 31, 2007

Black Stone Heart

Black Stone Heart

Black stone heart
Feel so trapped
With a black stone heart

Unmoving, unfeeling-
Painfully revealing
All the things I did wrong
While I was hoping to belong

Black stone heart
Broken cold and empty
Replays happier times to me
Builds fruitless fantasies

Rising up from the ground
Hoping to be found
It mingles with the wind
It’s lost again

Tied up with chains inside
So its pieces may not fall
Tied up inside
It lives within a wall

Black stone heart
My enemy
Black stone heart
No warmth within me

Black stone heart
I want you to die
Take me with you
No more can I cry

I can’t fix you
Can’t mend you
Can’t make it all right
Black stone heart
How long can we fight?

You are me
And I am you
We’re so different
But stuck with glue

Let’s give it up now
No one will see
Break it up now
And let each other be

This is for us
My black stone heart
This is just
To break us apart

You will beat no more
I will no longer be
The chains around you will fall
Finally freed

Blackness to embrace
Black stone heart
An identity to erase
Death does us part.

Pushpanjali Banerji


Rohan Solomon said...

NICE......... U wrote that?? Is it abstract emotions or seriously how you feel? Please write some lyrics for cyanide. Ur good

Anonymous said...

hey push
(can i call you push? am a complete stranger to you.)
i've been readin' your blog since october and everytime i come back to read.. there's always this new captivation about it that keeps on getting stronger.
I'm just pulled into a different world (your world!)
It channels my thoughts. And everytime i go through it i'm like 'wow, cud it get better?!' does..
It inspires me (to write), entices me, gives me a distinct perspective, affects my mood, it just paints another color!
You leave me in awe.
thats all.

Keep writing!(and clicking.. i like those pics too!)
You create magic!
(i'm not exaggerating.. i mean it!)

btw a very Happy New Year!
God Bless!


push said...

*blush blush*

push said...

Please leave a name! and a blog link!

Rohit Talwar said...

Pushpa, this one's perhaps your best writing till date. Fucking brilliant.

Anonymous said...

well.. i don't blog..
and due to some reasons i prefer staying anonymous..
am just a young school girl.. call me whatever you want (the world of your imagination is bigger than you know.. try makin' me a part of it! :p)

take care!

push said...

Thanks so much!
You really made my day!
:) I'll call you my mystery girl!

Anonymous said...

he he.. :D
am glad if i did.

mystery girl!! :p

clio_11 said...
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Anonymous said...

and know something.. you made mine by telling me that! :)

mystery girl! :p

Japna said...

wow!.. there's that song you sing.. an then there's this one..

i've got my favourites picked out!


Anonymous said...

Hear me out in the rustling of the leaves…
Yes…I am the sound…
That one warm gush in your face in the chill…
Feel…I am around…

Don’t dismiss me as a fragment of imagination…
Don’t let those lips tremble…
Hold the tears up…
Call me out…talk to the wind…
Observe…it hears up…

Smile, for once, o please…
You always did when I played with your locks…
Let me hear that crackling laughter…
I tingle under your socks…

Look dear…I am twirling, whirling
Around you…
Trying hard to dry up those little pearls in your eyes…
Sparkling more than the sun sieving dew…

Walk on…my love…
Fly free…my little wounded dove…
With a promise…
To always smile at that one warm gush…
In the chill…
With a promise…
To smile with a joyous refill…
To that one warm gush…
That would be my embrace…
Walk on…my love…
I would keep up with your pace…