Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The rain falls all over my face.

Only it’s not the rain, but maybe my eyes are watering. The sun’s too harsh.

It’s right in my eye. I hate it. I love it. I’ll figure it out another time.

Anyway, I was hearing a different song when he came along.

It was the wrong song.

Because I saw him fall, right over the pavement, in the horrid way that attracts a lot of attention, makes a lot of uncaring strangers care enough to notice it, make a note of it, and go about doing what they were.

He picked himself up. I didn’t try and help. Of course I’m an uncaring stranger as well. That’s how he would like me anyway.

But the song was all wrong. And it was too late. I had already painted a beach behind him, his clothes were off and sand was glittering on his skin. He was smiling a brilliant smile. Another bright white light that made my eyes water.

The music was crazy. All the words he said were twisted and jumbled. I was staring at him, shamelessly, in the way that those ugly men in a girl’s worst nightmares do. (Girls in Delhi, I might add.) But he was enjoying it. Did I tell you the song was all wrong?

I should have put my finger on fast forward, changed the song, probably a Megadeth track would’ve put things right, shaken me into reality. All it would’ve taken- a small touch-a gentle push on my ipod- maybe life would’ve played right.

The song was nearing its end. I knew it. I’ve heard it a million times. This was the part- right after the careful voice modulation, the ceaseless guitar solo that’s just beginning to fade.

“You probably done it to a hundred guys!” he was screaming. I covered my ears.

I could see the sun going down behind his face. ‘Wait,’ I thought.

The pavement was bare. I could see a silhouette in the distance. I started to smile.

Megadeth is next.


Crimson Feet said...

wonderful read!

Anirudh Goswamii said...

if i were to title ur post, it'd have been 'Music Video'.

u fulfilled his fantasy.. but like all men,(delhi men i must add) he was too guilty and just blamed u for stripping him down on the beach! lol..

but on a serious note, the metamorphosis would make an awesome music video.

vivid imagination, only a gifted mind can carve out. the boy/man/person is at ur mercy though.. poor guy!

nirmal said...

you know, u have this gift. the gift of grippin the reader until he pulls back with a jerk from ur work thinking -'oh...the end? this is the end? good end, yaar!'
very few writers have this gift, like Mr. Stephen King, edgar allan poe, dickens, peter straub to name a few. did i or did i not already tell u that i see something similar b/w u and king (writin style, not appearance, *chuckle*)? a chapter of LISEY'S STORY by STEPHEN KING that i'm currently readin ended with quite a similar oh-this-is-the-end kinda feeling up my nerve.
i think u should value and use this gift to the best (YOU ALREADY ARE, i reckon). i know this is the longest of all the comments i've posted on ur blog till date but believe me, i was planning to let it out for a long, long time.

Durable Plastic said...

Stephen King? Really? This is good writing but not Stephen King. Furthermore, why would anyone want to be Stephen King? It is customary in literary circles to sneer at Stephen King. His style is so pop culture, so riddled with advertising slogans, so trashy. And all that gore, so lovingly described, all those walls crashing in, all that chaos and destruction. All those monsters, for heaven's sake. This is not the stuff of literature. The critics can't understand why people read this crap, when they could be reading John Updike or Joyce Carol Oates.

Thus I, the one who doesn't matter, conclude that the author of this post is being hit upon. Thank You :)

push said...

:) Hmm.

@ Crimson Feet- Its so good to see your comment after a long time. :) glad you liked it.

@ Anirudh- Thats a really apt title.
:) It did unfold like a music video in my head.. like i told you, was listening to different songs..

@ Nirmal- I'm glad you liked it and found it gripping. :)"-'oh...the end? this is the end? good end, yaar!' " lol!

@ Durable plastic- Why do you say you don't matter?

Durable Plastic said...

I would be surprised if you said that I do matter. It is appropriately humane to disregard the opinions of strangers and unknowns.

push said...

Be surprised.

nirmal said...

mr. tupperw...oh, durable plastic, it seems Mr. Stephen King stole some of the story plots and ideas that came to ur mind first and went on to write novels and short stories on them. i can understand its unfair and you seem to be really upset and angry at him.
you see gore, chaos, destruction, monstors in his writing. what you are,unfortunately, unable to see is the sensitivty with which he weaves the events together, he way he pokes fun almost normally at the darkest aspects of our lives, his vivid descriptions. he is a horror writer for god's sake, what the bloody hell do u expect from him- describe what a smooch sounds like between a poor couple in the middle of a summer carnival? ha!

and when i said i find something similar b/w King and Ms. Bannerjee, i meant both of them have sensivity, both of them are keen observers, n of course that oh-this-is-the-end gift both of them have.
you may be a sucker for hardcore litrature, don't expect everyone around to be the same. we do have some fun and spook still left in our lives. and its time you brought some back to urs, too! all the best!

push said...

You know what.
Everyone's opinion matters, to themselves, sometimes other people, sometimes nobody. Personally, i don't disregard anyone's opinion.

Nothing is really better or worse, it's really all relative.

Putting another person down has never proved a point anyway.

nirmal said...

'The critics can't understand why people read this crap'
that was what got me red in the face. those who go by the critics all their lives certainly have big doubts about their own pereception of things. though i didn't mean to start a war here thru ur blog, i couldn't help answering. n i apologize for that. its a good thing that u regard everyone's opinion n i totally agree that everyone's opinion matters. i am sorry to say this but i don't read Joyce Carol Oates but i once saw a friend (a sucker for hardcore litrature, too) setting aside a book written by her with disgust and disappointment and saying-"the lady has gone senile. Tch!"

push said...


Hey, you didnt start any war! You wrote what you felt. In fact, I'd have appreciated it more if durable plastic had commented on the blog post rather than your comment.



Durable Plastic said...

Push: Not comparing you with Stephen King is as good as appreciating the post, so you might as well say that I did comment on your post :D

Nirmal: Blessed be the ignoramus! Best of luck with whatever you are doing or trying to do. Looks like the simple case of a man's infatuation with a lady. Don't jump out of your pants man, anyway. I wasn't commenting on your literary interests, why would I? Don't get into a debate please. Let's keep the spotlight on the blog owner or you might lose some brownie points for being so conceited.

push said...

Durable Plastic-
Glad you liked my writing. :)
Interesting name. Click on the link and it leads you nowhere.
I'd like to see your blog.
Is there a way?

nirmal said...

push- i am glad u think tht way

durable plastic- i must admit u r witty with ur words n i have much better things to do than start a debate.
i give up.
white flag comes up here...
flutter, flutter, flutter...