Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The rain falls all over my face.

Only it’s not the rain, but maybe my eyes are watering. The sun’s too harsh.

It’s right in my eye. I hate it. I love it. I’ll figure it out another time.

Anyway, I was hearing a different song when he came along.

It was the wrong song.

Because I saw him fall, right over the pavement, in the horrid way that attracts a lot of attention, makes a lot of uncaring strangers care enough to notice it, make a note of it, and go about doing what they were.

He picked himself up. I didn’t try and help. Of course I’m an uncaring stranger as well. That’s how he would like me anyway.

But the song was all wrong. And it was too late. I had already painted a beach behind him, his clothes were off and sand was glittering on his skin. He was smiling a brilliant smile. Another bright white light that made my eyes water.

The music was crazy. All the words he said were twisted and jumbled. I was staring at him, shamelessly, in the way that those ugly men in a girl’s worst nightmares do. (Girls in Delhi, I might add.) But he was enjoying it. Did I tell you the song was all wrong?

I should have put my finger on fast forward, changed the song, probably a Megadeth track would’ve put things right, shaken me into reality. All it would’ve taken- a small touch-a gentle push on my ipod- maybe life would’ve played right.

The song was nearing its end. I knew it. I’ve heard it a million times. This was the part- right after the careful voice modulation, the ceaseless guitar solo that’s just beginning to fade.

“You probably done it to a hundred guys!” he was screaming. I covered my ears.

I could see the sun going down behind his face. ‘Wait,’ I thought.

The pavement was bare. I could see a silhouette in the distance. I started to smile.

Megadeth is next.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Smoked Salmon Mousse Craving!!! I want it!!!

Had this at the Taj in Mumbai.... have been craving it was beyond anything i've ever had! :( Even nutella can't compare.


i waaaant! :(

Friday, August 1, 2008

The reasons

He comes and he goes

Like the wind that blows

Over my face

Only to erase

The feelings that grip me

The feelings that fool me and trip me

I have learnt to walk away

I have learnt to never say

What’s on my mind

Because you never know

What you can find

On the other side

No reason to confide

No reason to involve

No reason to evolve

Under the stars

Speeding cars

Street lights lit in a line

Trying to define

A definite shape

A system that’s fake

Careless, careless

My little dreams

He floats in again

Like the gentle breeze

He’s lost again

There’s anger and pain

A glaring stain

Left to retain

Test me, test me

Take the best of me

And detest me

On the other side

No reason to trust the god above

No reason to free the dove

No reason to love



Swirl, twirl

I love the way

You spin

Round my head

I love the way I feel

I love what you reveal

Dance a little closer

Make my heart beat

A little faster


My laughter

As it echoes

In the air


In the music

As we move

Through it


The neon lights

I can still feel your eyes

On me

No one’s with me

No one else can be