Saturday, March 29, 2008

without me

Maybe I can’t see through

All the games

People play

Maybe I’m stupid

Maybe I just didn’t get it

I’m tired of watching my back

Figuring out what I lack

Cut me some slack

Get back on track

Maybe I can’t be

I can’t see

All those spectacular things

That happened without me

Dreaming in circles

Walking into endless

Complicated situations

Reality based on assumptions

Suicidal dreams

A window into clarity

Soundless screams

Put an end to your charity

Pushpanjali Banerji

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bit of sun and melting snow :)

8:37 PM lamborghini.
me: did u read what i wrote?
Anirudh: where?
me: about the snow
Anirudh: yeah i read that.. that was a sweet interpretation.
finding snow outside my window..
8:38 PM got up at 5
found a cup of snow
me: at 5?
Anirudh: was writing a couplet.
woke up at 5..
me: continue
8:39 PM Anirudh: found my cup of snow
outside my window..
the air has come alive.
i'm not so good with couplets ..
me: hmph.
8:40 PM Anirudh: As i gaze tonight, outside the glass light..
my eyes fall upon a squirrel running on the wall..
catching flakes of snow..
here i go..
8:41 PM me: :)
8:42 PM and suddenly its right
Anirudh: and suddenly its no more night.
me: i've woken up to the day
8:43 PM Anirudh: to the wind i'd love to sway.
8:44 PM me: reach out to the hands of time
Anirudh: and watch as the snow moves the chime
8:45 PM me: its been a long time
since i felt this way
Anirudh: its been a long time
8:46 PM i've been off the sunray
me: i wasnt waiting for the ice to melt , but somehow
8:47 PM Anirudh: somehow the rays melt the ice..
me: and i know i wont be thinking twice
Anirudh: and after ages i felt nice..
8:48 PM that same old squirrel's climbing up now..
me: and looked beyond the love and lies
it movements so quick and how
8:49 PM Anirudh: the snowflakes have given birth to
wings with which today he flies..
8:50 PM me: and strangely has lit up my night
and made my life
worth the fight
Anirudh: rekindled the light..
and now i'm on a diet!
me: :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cousin Itt typing a message.

Snapped by an irritating friend of mine (okay not that irritating!) Has a terrible habit of clicking constantly.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mirror Talk

Sitting at the bottom with you. Feeling like a freak. I need the sun to shine upon your face, I need you to be true. Clouds are what you are. Changing all the time, changing your shape, your colours, and when I reach out there’s nothing there.

Grow up, I’ve been telling you to grow up.

I’m tired of clasping your hand in mine, being there every time. Your lips don’t move, your eyes don’t speak. Days are passing us by. The world is spinning out my time.

Towards the rainbow

The sky looks down on me

The clouds promise me rain

And all over again

That feeling rises inside of me

Day turns to night

And every now and then

I fight

All those lonely moments

And yet-

There's a smile in my eyes

A skip in my step

I find love in his lies

And magic in the bird who flies-

Over my head

Towards the rainbow

I'll get ahead

Kiss every seed I sow.

Standing on my own

All this pride I've never known

Comes from within

Feels like I'll win.

When I close my eyes

Dreams fill my mind

And when I wake

I know I cant be left behind

There's a smile in my eyes

A skip in my step

I find love in his lies

And magic in the bird who flies-

Over my head

Towards the rainbow

I'll get ahead

Kiss every seed I sow.

Pushpanjali Banerji

March, 2008