Saturday, June 28, 2008

A moment

I had just moved on

And the light of day

Made me feel

I’ve forgotten yesterday.

The dark shades of betrayal

Still hide in the shadows

I dare not look at them

They love to follow.

It feels like your hands

Over my skin

Feels like hands

Tearing everything within..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Girly Boy

I wrote this for all the girly boys who are suddenly replacing real men. The ones who take hours to dress, talk like girls, walk like girls, bitch like girls and PMS like girls. And you know what, they don't like boys! They're fun but they're so like girls and not girls, they date girls like a girl would date a guy...

Turning round and round

See who’s watching you

And there’s nobody there

Staring into nowhere

Girly, delicate boy

When you know its no use

Why don’t you just face the abuse

She comes along

Sings her song

Her flowing long hair

She takes you nowhere

She clings to you

Her little body moving

Faster than your mind can think

You know every shade

Of her lipstick

Sticky stick

You got your skinny frame

You’ve got the gift of the gab

Your dreams are lame

You’re constantly stabbed

You argue just like a child

It always takes you awhile

To get to where you’re going

Your face is just like a girl

And your mind is a whirl

Of emotional things

Of summers and springs

Girly, delicate boy

You wrote it all down

Her lines and yours

She thought you were a toy

You woke up everyday

With so much to say

That you could never hear



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ha, ha, ha.

Ha, ha, ha.

I can hear you laughing at me. Deep inside those big black eyes, I can see it all.

Ha, ha, ha.

There you go again. Laughing till I go insane with the pain. Noise is what other people become when you’re near me. Every bit of me strained and tensed.

I will fade when you wake in the morning.

I will disappear from your phone, your photographs and your mailing list. I will haunt you. I will come back to you when you least expect it. So many stories you’ll hear in your ears, all day. Till you’re senseless and can’t hear a thing you say.

We laughed a lot that day. I had tried so hard to please you. Did all I could to make you happy. I was broken inside when you laughed at me. The coffee I’d made for us slipped from my hands. I was standing in the middle of shattered glass when your laughter echoed in my ears. I laughed with you, glass beneath my skin.

Such a beautiful memory. Everything we did together, vivid and colorful history.

I can see your head is aching. I can hear you thinking.

You can’t see very well. Was it all a dream? The shy girl in your dreams wasn’t as real as she seemed. Did she fade with every day, or was she a dream in every way. You can smell her scent. She laughed with you, twisting her hands anxiously as she laughed.

You’re crying now. It can’t be. It can’t be. I wasn't a dream by your side. I was real. Living and breathing, Laughing and seething. With every day you sent me further away. And now you'll have to pay.

You can hear them laughing at you. Deep inside those big black eyes, you can see it all.

I see you shiver.

Ha, ha, ha.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I wonder about you

I wonder about you

And time stands still

I wonder about you

Hate fills me still

I wonder about you

And then I wonder why

I wonder about you

And your wandering eye

I’ll probably never see you again

I’ll probably outgrow the pain

And every memory stored

Will fade as I start to get bored

I’m wondering about you

Wondering about you still

I’m dreaming now

Dreaming at will

How much you’ve changed

How much has been re-arranged

Will I catch my reflection in your eyes?

Will I hear another lie?

Look away

I don’t want you to see

Step away

And let me be

Why do I feel

You already know

I wonder about you

Every minute or so

I wonder about you

And time stands still

I wonder about you

Hate fills me still