Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dark November.

Dark November.
Nov 2006

My darling Mrinalini…this is for you

The sun caught your eye
As your face- lit up to smile
And as I quietly gazed
It took a while
Till you told the tale
Of what was in your heart.

I caught your hands
Your tiny hands
Took them in mine
And began to cry
Like I’ve never done before
For, you said you’d speak no more.

Tears were in my eyes
As I waited
For the endless November night
To say good bye
To slowly die.

The air was cold
Or maybe it was warm
I saw a calm sea
Or maybe a storm
I screamed aloud
Weren’t you lost-
So you could be found?

I wish to feel your breath
I wish to feel your hair
I want you all around me
But you’re not there
What can I do
To be close to you

You brought me up
You made me strong
We grew together
And all along
I was alone
I’m on my own.

Where was it
That your mind
Led you to-
What was it
That you had to find

Blindly you followed
Selfishly hollowed
Just to reach up there
Giving me up was the fare

Tears are in my eyes
As I wait
For the endless November night
To say goodbye
To slowly die

Wont you come to me
In my dreams again
Show me your love
Expose your pain
And tell that bloodied tale
All over again

I’ll wait to watch the sun
Catch your eye
As you laugh
And as you cry
For in the sun
We shine as one

The tangles in your long brown hair
Created with the wind
Your loose brown hair
Flying everywhere
So much to share

Dark November night
Fade slowly.
As the ray of light
Invades your colour

Hold on tight
It’s just a dark November night
Don’t give up now
You have to fight
You will discover
Your true colour.

Pushpanjali Banerji

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vikram said...

my god....hats off to ur creativty!!!!