Saturday, November 7, 2009

me: dont give a shit. life is like a hot woman who needs to be ignored to get attention from.

worried mind

worried mind
don’t worry.
you know its never been as bad
as you’ve imagined,
so don’t hurry.

you keep jumping
to conclusions we don’t need
skipping around
stories of when you were deceived
stop running in circles, worried mind
stop and you’ll find

find the reasons for what you feel
hope will light you up and heal
you’ll forget, worried mind
you’ll forget that you were a worried mind

it’ll all work out,
worried mind.
they all love you
like they do
don’t let your worry
come between whats true

love is strong
and you are full of love
i know you can
just trust

-push.. nov 2009
for me, and my worried, worried mind..