Thursday, October 25, 2007

...and his loving heart!

I want a pink shoe
And a golden cart
A green fluffy feather
And a lemon tart

I want a little loving
Something true to believe in
But most of all-
I want my little baby
And his loving heart

I feel a little sober
I feel a little drunk
I’ll save my tears for another
Pack my joy in a trunk

And mail it to my baby
And his loving heart
And send it all to my baby
And his loving heart

I want a blue sky
I want a silver sea
I want no lies
But a little sympathy

I want a little dreaming
And a careless caress
But most of all-
I want my little baby
And his loving heart

I want to give my baby
All the loving he can take
I want to give my baby…
Oh, I’d give my life for his sake

I may not get a pink shoe
Or a golden cart
May not find a green feather
Or a lemon tart

But I’ve found my baby
He’s the one I want the most
Yes he’s my baby
(about him I like to boast!)
I’ve found my baby
And his loving heart
Will always love my baby
And his loving heart!

-Pushpanjali Banerji


Anonymous said...

this is pretty cute and nifty :)! ahh the blissful time (1.5+1 = 2.5) years back i guess ... no fear, but this is really really cute ! i can almost imagine an MLTR type melody to this :)

rohit.dreamer said...

i jst dream to hv a girl who hv such a deep feelings in her heart n i feel the same for her..................
Rohit Gola

Anonymous said...

every girl actually dreams of having a love where she can really give her all.. 'tis a different fact of life that this dream is mostly far from reality..also true in the case of guys..but those of us, who've been at the receiving end know the meaning behind the words..and the importance of trust and loyalty..
Strange somehow, I don't dream, like the other person who commented, of a girl who will give me her love like u profess..but then, maybe I should..
and u know what, this is one of ur joyful, free, singable songs..
i like this one.


veka ortega caro said...

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