Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Faraway Train

wrote this when i was on tour, for almost a week, travelling by train & missing the man..

Faraway Train

Delicate sunlight
Filtering from within the leaves
The spiders weave
And the gentle breeze

A little hello
Was carried a long way
Spoken by precious lips
My memory can't slip

I wait and wonder
When I will hold your hand in mine
When time will really be time
And the words will effortlessly rhyme

Like the sunlight
I hope you feel me
Like warmth on your skin
Light in your eyes
and smile

The sky's fade fast
But the world waits
For the sunlight
To bring them light again

You are my light
Bright, my heart
I'm on a Faraway train
But with you still

..The sunlight
Shines in the world
Filtering from within the leaves
Through windows of tall concrete
And the gentle breeze...

- push

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


When the phone didn’t ring

The words didn’t bring

A smile to my face

I wondered why

I stopped feeling alive

Wandering in my mind alone

and in my car

The radio playing on mute

Somehow I’ve lost

Something I cant explain

I’m breaking my head

But the tension in my heart

Whispers again

Nothing’s no good without you

You’re gonna think of me

And I wont

Turn around

Make a sound

Acknowledge you

Maybe then you’ll see…


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Going Blank.

I think working has finally ruined me. Can't think freely like I used to.
Moments come to me, but they're to faint to grow.
I was travelling before but then my blackberry began to distract me.
and instead of looking out and up at the sky, I was looking into its screen.

And what's the point of staying in touch
When I'm losing myself so much?

Maybe I need a holiday. But somehow like clockwork every morning I dismiss that thought and just make my list of tasks. But this is one space that saves me. Black space on the internet. Who knows who views it? But I write for me. Because sometimes you need to record things to remind yourself what you're about.

I'm not going to blank out. I'm going to keep this teddy alive and swimming into dreams and glowing with life.

- Push