Sunday, December 21, 2008

speedy flights.

Tonight didn't go as planned
I couldn't take a stand
They drove me up and down
In and about town.

I could hear them kissing
I could hear them do it
In their heads
I could feel their impatience mounting
As they counted the minutes to bed

It didn't make me want someone
It didn't make me sad
It didn't make call someone
It made my time drag

The show wasn't worth it
Mom spoilt it all for me
Coming back on time
Was as important as life could be

Dinner's over
And I had nothing to eat
No left over
I stare in disbelief

The street lights
All lit in a line
The speedy flights
All out of time


Saturday, December 13, 2008

i think everything is inspired by life, every bit of the world is living in some way..This maybe completely irrelevant, but i was wondering about traffic signals today. and i realized they had more power than a human being. Millions of people stop and move according to its wishes. it had its pride, and end of the day its humility- when it turned yellow, with pigeons resting on its head, it seemed to just be doing its job, And, like a saint, it was the source of income for many beggars in the area. Like a human being who likes to help.

guess my writing is too.
Stumbled down the staircase. Maybe. Many times.
This is all the bitterness i have, though.It just comes out on paper, and fades away, as time passes, it disappears.
- Push

Tuesday, December 2, 2008