Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i saw an angel :)

another artwork done while in office. had to make a lot of POS material but just didn't feel like it.. my mind had been picturing this for a while.. wanted the pinks, whites and yellows to merge like some cotton candy blending my sugary thoughts and dreams..


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To The Tiger

Orange, black and white
Flames that burn behind
Brilliant green blades of grass
They burn
Burn to last

The majestic movement happens
With such swift, thoughtless ease
The golden eyes barely acknowledge
As others aim to please

Alas, the sound of a bullet
Rips through the sky
The steps stumble
The golden eyes blink in shock

Destroyed with brutality
The majestic form falls to the ground
Helpless and unmoving
As others watch
The flame burn out


May- 2006

Written for a magazine we had to make as a part of our course. My magazine was called animaliac… :) This poem was and is dedicated to the Tiger.