Saturday, September 29, 2007

the forest

There was rustling in the leaves
The moon crept out from behind the trees
Our footsteps left traces in the sand
I looked at you as I held your hand

Broken, disjointed paths
Thoughts forming and breaking within my head
Our laughter echoed, our eyes twinkled
Like luminous beads of sweat

The spaces in between
Our words
We filled with kisses
The spaces in between
Our love
We filled with denial

We reached the lake
Swam in its green blue water
Took time to make
What would be remembered there after

The forest whispered
Into my ear
But your stare
Made sure I shouldn’t hear

I saw the metal in the pale moonlight
And in the look in your eyes
Fear set in
Sand glittered on my skin

The blade was cool and wet
I wondered why you wept
As I lay awaiting death

I can smell you
I’m taking you in
I’ll miss you
Can’t I breathe you in?

Stab me, stab me again
I didn’t see it coming
I can’t bear the pain
Can’t bear what I’m becoming

Goodbye my love
I feel no hate
Goodbye my love
I guess it was fate

Do not tell anyone
Of this night in the forest
Don’t think of what you’ve done
Tonight in the forest
This night in the forest
This night in the forest…

pushpanjali banerji


vaibhav said...

this is mind boggling!!! keep it up.

Ragini said...

I loved the imagery of the forest...the way the forest wanted to warn you but he ensured that you don't listen. That's how lost we become in the person we love. And the unfortunate thing is, there are so many people out there who WILL kill us if we cede control. It's so difficult to give yourself to someone and yet not give yourself completely. Where does one draw the line?
Gosh! We think so alike! It's like our minds pick up the same things and feel the same emotions.
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