Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One day.

I know she’s all you want
I know she’s all you need
At least that’s what it
Seems to me
From here

She’s in your every dream
She’s in my every scream
That I wake from
Everyday from here

The moments we’ve left behind
The moments deep inside my mind
I think there’s no escape
From here

But there’s just one way to survive
To just close my eyes
Forget your little lies

I want you to love me
For just one day
Like you did in our yesterday’s
Want you to love me one day

For you to just
Close your eyes
Forget your own lies
I want you to love me
One day.

Pushpanjali Banerji

October 2006


Anonymous said...

ya know...that is beautiful....

Anonymous said...

forget my little lies...i hope i could do that...

Anonymous said...

i love u...

push said...


Anonymous said...

never mind. the work is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

i just got carried truly inspire...