Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Beautiful ads turn me on! Cointreau Poster I recently adapted.


Anonymous said...

wow...wht do we call this shade? poisonous apple?

Ragini said...

Listen, being the tech-ignorant woman that I am, how do I add a picture to my blog header???

push said...

On the top of your page click CUSTOMIZE>you'll get your "NavBar", where you'll see the layout of your blog.
go onto the header there and click on "edit".
you'll get a picture option. Select 'behind title and description' and there you go!

Ragini said...

Push, check out the link on my page that says 'Music-Believer'. :)

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of that bright evening…

Only before it happened
I hadn’t the slightest clue
How much courage would I have to conjure
To walk up and say ‘hi’
To start a conversation that evening with you
Over our last drinks together
Orange juice-vodka n coke n rum
That evening of sullen weather
Which would be our last one together
Having confronted the bitter reality
How do I say ‘hi’
That finally the time had come
To say goodbye