Friday, August 1, 2008


Swirl, twirl

I love the way

You spin

Round my head

I love the way I feel

I love what you reveal

Dance a little closer

Make my heart beat

A little faster


My laughter

As it echoes

In the air


In the music

As we move

Through it


The neon lights

I can still feel your eyes

On me

No one’s with me

No one else can be



nirmal said...

hey listen, woman...u r fantabulous.

Kartiek Agarwal said...

I just really like this one :)

Infact, do you mind if I add your blog to my blog friends list?

push said...

Add me!

Ragini said...

You're such a child. Gives me an image of you going round and round in circles, with your long mane dancing around you. Pretty pretty you look.

push said...


Mr. Blue Sky said...

Blue stands for liberty. Trois Couleurs: Bleu is a good film on that. Everything about blue is graceful and sublime...