Saturday, October 4, 2008


Moments unforgettable
The packet of sugar in my bag

Sins not regrettable

So much fun I’ve had

The weather’s perfect

I didn’t search it

I drew in my cup

Smiled at my luck

Not subtle but sweet

In another heartbeat

He was there again

Smiling at the tea stain

The clouds are black and white

Another dreamy flight

Even if nothing’s going right

I’ll find a way that’s right

Unforgettable moments

To pull me through

Dreams that cement

My way to you



nirmal said...

the seemingly inert volcano of bitter-sweet emotions erupts at some distance after quite a long interval, shaking the earth beneath my feet a little...

push said...

:) I like your comment!

Jasmine said...

Been quite a while,eh...

Push's back,hahahahaha!

nirmal said...

oh, i like u... :P

Aditya Kaushik said...

Coffe cups and smiling faces :)

push said...

jazz: yeah...its been quite sometime

aditya: you know me well :)