Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To The Tiger

Orange, black and white
Flames that burn behind
Brilliant green blades of grass
They burn
Burn to last

The majestic movement happens
With such swift, thoughtless ease
The golden eyes barely acknowledge
As others aim to please

Alas, the sound of a bullet
Rips through the sky
The steps stumble
The golden eyes blink in shock

Destroyed with brutality
The majestic form falls to the ground
Helpless and unmoving
As others watch
The flame burn out


May- 2006

Written for a magazine we had to make as a part of our course. My magazine was called animaliac… :) This poem was and is dedicated to the Tiger.


nirmal said...

there're only a thousand left in india currently...animaliac is an interesting name.

Push said...

:) it was derived from
animal + maniac..

nirmal said...

animal + maniac... thts witty...i thought it had somethin to do with 'almanac'

Ragini said...

Good girl. Lending thoughts to the poor tiger and expressing its pitiable condition through art is important.
I'm worried. And afraid.

stealing_demons said...

Just thought I'd add some info; the following were/are the subspecies of tiger with their status in the wild:
Caspian Tiger (extinct)
Royal Bengal (Indian) Tiger (<1000)
Sumatran Tiger (<200)
Bali Tiger (extinct)
Javan Tiger (extinct)
Siberian (Amur) Tiger (<200)
South Chinese Tiger (presumed extinct)

Seven different branches of divergent evolution and four of them chopped off within the span of a century, and the remaining three teetering on the brink, almost certain to become extinct in the next 20 years ... and thats just the tiger.

This is the age of extinction.