Thursday, October 1, 2009

Marketing Dictionary!

Advanced design: The advertising agency doesn't understand it.

All new: Parts not interchangable with previous design.

Breakthrough: We finally figured out a way to sell it.

Broadcast quality: Gives a picture and produces noise.

Built to precision tolerances: We finally got it to fit together.

Customer service across the country: You can return it from most airports.

Designed simplicity: Manufacturer's cost cut to the bone.

Distinctive: A different shape and color than the others.

Direct sales only: Factory had big argument with distributor.

Field-tested: Manufacturer lacks test equipment.

Foolproof operation: No provision for adjustments.

Futuristic: No other reason why it looks the way it does.

Hand-crafted: Assembly machines operated without gloves on.

High accuracy: Unit on which all parts fit.

High reliability: We made it work long enough to ship it.

Years of development: We finally got one that works.

Improved: Didn't work the first time.

Latest aerospace technology: One of our techs was laid off by Boeing.

Meets all standards: Ours, not yours.

Microprocessor controlled: Does things we can't explain.

New: Different color from previous design.

New generation: Old design failed, maybe this one will work.

Performance proven: Will operate through the warranty period.

Re-designed: Previous faults corrected, we hope.

Revolutionary: It's different from our competitors.

Unmatched: Almost as good as the competition.

Unprecedented performance: Nothing we ever had before worked this way.

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