Thursday, August 19, 2010

Five minute fights.

let it break
sink in

me slowly

i give in
get out
or is it
another round about
little trait
i dont understand
makes it hard
to hold your hand

with patience
of things
not yet
touch wood

so far
so good
so shut the door
shut my heart
get out
live without
us or we
cant see
eye to eye
but are angry

the battle grounds'
alive awake
ready to take
everything we've got

you're slipping
i'm tripping
the sky's black
under attack

i didn't see it
you didn't feel it
is it over?
dust settles over nothing.

"little fight"
we overhear
we're near

the smiles escape
and love...
the battle ground
has gone underground
like a distant memory.
forgotten story.

push aug 2010


nirmal said...

PB trademark....reminds me of 'black stone heart'

R said...

Forgotten stories are always worth going back to. That's the only charming bit about the ones that need to be thrown out. :)

Biia Sousa said...

Beautiful its blogspot

Jasmine said...

Very lovely, will linger in my head for more than 5 minutes.

blinded blue teddy said...

nirmal: thank you! glad u remember black stone heart! :)

r: True, true.. strange ways of the mind

Biia: thank you :)

Jazz: love you! :p