Wednesday, April 13, 2011

like a baby

I feel like a baby. And it’s the best feeling in the world. It’s a feeling I’ve not had since forever. Since I guess I really was a child. It made me feel wonderful. Like I was tiny and vulnerable. Like a little kitten.  haha!
My parents have always been protective. In fact they have this lovely balance that I don’t know how they manage to have. They stand by and watch me walk away. I had my own driver and car to take me to college everyday. My mom would always be there. My dad would make sure everything’s always ok, that I always have the best. He shouldn’t worry, because I have him. My brother went out of his way during my teenager life to lay down the law with any misbehaving character.

I thought those days were a little behind me. At least so I thought. I’m a grown woman. Independent…to a fault. Live in a bit of a bubble, guilty about being a little ignorant of chores. But I don’t like anyone doing anything for me. I just don’t expect it.
So then there was this sweet moment. It’s a little late at night, and I’m driving home. My dad shows up.
Makes me drives right behind his car. Slows down and finds me if another car gets in the middle.
I felt like such a baby!


p.s. my bf is always treating me like a baby. (thank you :*) But when the parents treat you like a baby its just deja vu!