Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Furry Playlist.

My darling friends. I've been complimented all too often for my playlists. So I'm gonna put this up from time to time.. what I'm listening to.
About 5 songs that are just doing IT for me right now, baby.
I'm gonna call it The Furry Playlist.
(Furry, bear, teddy.. get it right? laugh a little, no do it because its polite..)

  1. Caro Emerald - The Lipstick On His Collar
  2. John Mayer Trio- Vultures
  3. Guthrie Govan- Killing Floor
  4. Caro Emerald - That Man
  5. John Mayer- Crossroads


R said...

I will never forgive you for mentioning John Mayer. Pff.

*leaves angry*

blinded blue teddy said...

aww.. listen to killing floor though

Rahul said...

Caro Emerald is what one would call 'voluptuos'. haha im glad I found a woman who fits that description. nice playlist push.

Jasmine said...

i love you!

blinded blue teddy said...

thanks wahul!

jazz-lub yoo!

Jasmine said...

Baby i love caro emerald already!
I can't find Govan's Killing floor though

blinded blue teddy said...

i'll send it to you jazz

Jasmine said...

Baby I heard That Man on radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!