Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The worst is done. New life has begun.
I’m looking through my window again. Watching new colours fill the sky, watching new faces filled with joy.
I have to reach out. I’m on my own finally. I’ve let go of the past- what it was. I no longer bear the same thoughts in my head, dragging me down.
I’m outstretched- facing the sun, feeling its warmth on my soul.
I’m going to leave an impression. I can’t fade away.
I no longer care for you.

It’s like the rain.
Washing away my sadness. The ground feels fresh and new, its smell intoxicating.
I want to build something here.
The pain has evaporated. I can’t say it’s still inside me in some corner of my mind because its not. The footsteps have faded. You no longer are walking in circles through my mind.

I pray: It remains this way.
I’m ready to work hard. Sweat and blood I can give it all. I am here. And that’s all that’s ever mattered, and matters still.

Pushpanjali Banerji


shamir said...

this one was brilliant. loved every word of it! as for the "regret" blog ... errr ... ummm ... its beyond my intellectual comprehension :P ; you'll have to put in an abstract/summary of sorts to explain the theme to sorry arses like me! lol!

push said...

thanks shamir! :P

Kriti Malhotra said...

beautiful :)

sepharic said...
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Twisted Whispers said...

So ya finally penned ya stuff on a blog...n its as sweet as ya....i lyk dis one...coz dis is d brighter side o chirpy n content.. cheers!!