Thursday, October 25, 2007

when you were mine

Break into your little mind
Break everything you can find
Look up and see the
Changing colours of the sky
But you didn’t -
Before you said goodbye

There was still a scent
Lingering in the sir
Like it was everywhere
It wasn’t fair
You weren’t there

I saw the shadows
And the silent stares
I knew they were coming
Ghosts of the past
Were you here at last?

I’m scared already
Cold chill within me
I’m not sure
I want to see
Let it be

The thought of you
The memories
We were meant to be
You couldn’t see

Break into your little heart
Break into every little dark
Emotion I can find
That you’ve left behind

I saw an open field
It reminded me of you
I could almost see you with it all
A beautiful smile and a football

Love your sweat
Your smell
Your lies and the tales you tell

Pushpanjali Banerji


Anonymous said...

complete it!!!

Kritika said... complete it baby..

Anonymous said...

i like the fact that its left incomplete.. infact, this is not the end to ur life and its a fragment of ur life that u have penned..sometimes the brutal honesty of things is that life is not always complete and wholesome. of course in hind side, it is. but who's talking of hind side, .. u have just begun ur journey.. am i right?


push said...