Monday, November 19, 2007

The Fifteenth Time

The Fifteenth Time

I didn’t pay attention. I didn’t hear anything you said. I wasn’t here. Yes, I did seem like I was listening, but I really wasn’t. I was thinking about the sky outside.
Please don’t hold my hand. It makes me nervous. This is only the fourteenth time we’ve met. I did count.

Yes I know you want to hear those words. But the radio is too loud. Don’t turn it down, though-I like this song.
I can’t think. I’m sweating again, you’re standing too close. Step away. I’ll meet you there in my car. Don’t get offended. It’s something I always do… I like my car.

Whatever is in my head should go away. I’ll just look into his eyes a little more. He really is something.
Time begins to move backwards. I’m driving in reverse again, driving myself insane. I pick up my phone and call him.

“I’m needed at home. You’re already there? Oh. I really am sorry. Yes…another time.”

Pushpanjali Banerji


Anonymous said...

"I’ll just look into his eyes a little more. He really is something."

... she really loved him like hell. sad.

Japna said...

stop running away...take that chance again.

much love.

Anonymous said...

interesting. a dash of fiction? or a shade of fact? is ur life really sad or u like portraying it like you do...? want to know coz if ur sad, its sad.. a lot of ur other posts have a sense of melancholy about them and are soaked in a lot of sorrow.. why?


Jasmine said...

the fifteenth time rivals some of the best posts on this blog.