Wednesday, November 7, 2007

She had seen it all. And it hurt. From one face to another. They all seemed to be staring at her. Looking at her as though she was small and insignificant, broken and empty- even though they were not looking at her at all.
She felt dizzy and noxious. The world seemed to be spinning. She could hear music. It surrounded her. It was loud and she covered her ears with her palms- but she could not block out the noise.
She stared at the world from her window. Sitting backseat, an animated look in her eyes, she felt alive, awake, content- staring at the world outside.
Everything was moving. She couldn’t make out the colours. The car was moving too fast. Everything became one color with shreds of lights breaking through the luminous color.
It was the sky and the earth merging together, the sun and moon placed in one, complete, starless sky. She smiled and giggled, dying to watch more.
Her hands were placed firmly against the glass. She blinked.The car was stationary. The driver said he had not even started the car when she questioned why they had stopped.
She pressed her head. That song again, exploding in her brain. She struggled to keep her eyes open.
The driver and the car were gone. She was somewhere in the sky, a rainbow below her feet. Small and big raindrops were falling towards her. She laughed again.
She felt the water trickle down her scalp. She looked up, hoping to get a watery drop on her face. It had stopped raining.
She was back on the ground again. She could not move. She could not breathe. Yet she could see. She heard prayers. They said they would miss her. They wondered if it had been painful. Had she bled? They said she was…


Pushpanjali Banerji


Anonymous said...

which song was that? the one which exploded in her head? she was happy till she heard that song. she must stop listening to that song. which song was it?

Anonymous said...

it was the french song. the one you've heard.