Saturday, December 22, 2007


"Microsoft word is to me, what guitar is to you."


Anirudh Goswamii said...

She's got the blues..

Anirudh Goswamii said...

My Guitar is a canvas and I'm free to paint it in whichever colours I choose. Sometimes blues, at others crimson red..and yet at others sombre green and beautiful gold.

The microsoft word, likewise, can be used either productively or destructively. It can either encourage someone or really depress others.. There is already a lot of depressing things prevalent all around us, we just need to reach out and at shoulder's length, we'll find 40,000 depressing.. the challenge is to seek out the joyous ones..which are infinite.

push said...


ello said...

but i thnk right now it helped me a lot
three almighty swords