Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i, me and the peachy-red nailpaint. (a post for my girls-J's of my life)

i missed you so much, i put all that nailpaint, jappu.
and i did call you to tell you that, didnt i?
i put all that gloss, even though i had no where to go.
I'm wondering how jazz is, her red sweater makes me feel so warm. :P

the liquid shine lip gloss that was the start of the most amazing night ever!!:P
jazz get well soon, i love you, miss you.


Thatguy. said...

you doodle pretty well :D
anyway a picture with smile would have been great :) with all the gloss just to make that picture shine that much more .

thatguy. said...

with a smile*

Japna said...

I could use a little liquid shine! and a rescue party all for my own!!

push said...

Baby i pwomise!

push said...

thatguy.-thanks :)

Jasmine said...

Jazz is back!

And it was my evening too!:(
I saw my STAR shining!

Jasmine said...

I want to KISS those lips!!!

push said...

heheh love u jazz!

thatguy. said...

you're most welcome :) the red clip seems to be in good company :D