Saturday, February 23, 2008

photographs and memories

I can stare at your pictures for hours. And I can’t still understand you- the smallest, tiniest thing about you is a mystery. Unfortunately, it’s simply a mystery to me. If you love something, even a thing, you feel its every contour, open it out, explore every inch of it and try to remember every crack- or how the light glides off its surface. To everyone else, it’s just a phone or may be just a car- but to you- that would be something so important- every memory attached to that object would replay every time you think about it.

So I look at you some more. All I have are photographs and memories. I know I’m looking at the picture of a guy, who- like so many guys- is just another guy in reality but I put him up on a cloud in my mind, so high- that he’s looking down at us all while we look up.

It’s like somebody very intelligent once told me. “It’s never a cloud that comes in front of the sun, but a cloud in front of our eye.”

To me, your every look has a meaning. Are you looking into the camera? Having a good time with friends? Were you thinking of me during this time?

Through the blur of tears in my eyes I are wearing the t-shirt I gifted you.



Sept, 2006


MoonStone said...

experiencing deja vu.... are we??

well I tried to burn her pictures, couldn't make myself to.... then I put all of them in an old book and shoved it back on my bookshelf... I know where they are, but I try to resist...

push said...

we'll all get by.

MoonStone said...

yes, we will.. :)