Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bit of sun and melting snow :)

8:37 PM lamborghini.
me: did u read what i wrote?
Anirudh: where?
me: about the snow
Anirudh: yeah i read that.. that was a sweet interpretation.
finding snow outside my window..
8:38 PM got up at 5
found a cup of snow
me: at 5?
Anirudh: was writing a couplet.
woke up at 5..
me: continue
8:39 PM Anirudh: found my cup of snow
outside my window..
the air has come alive.
i'm not so good with couplets ..
me: hmph.
8:40 PM Anirudh: As i gaze tonight, outside the glass light..
my eyes fall upon a squirrel running on the wall..
catching flakes of snow..
here i go..
8:41 PM me: :)
8:42 PM and suddenly its right
Anirudh: and suddenly its no more night.
me: i've woken up to the day
8:43 PM Anirudh: to the wind i'd love to sway.
8:44 PM me: reach out to the hands of time
Anirudh: and watch as the snow moves the chime
8:45 PM me: its been a long time
since i felt this way
Anirudh: its been a long time
8:46 PM i've been off the sunray
me: i wasnt waiting for the ice to melt , but somehow
8:47 PM Anirudh: somehow the rays melt the ice..
me: and i know i wont be thinking twice
Anirudh: and after ages i felt nice..
8:48 PM that same old squirrel's climbing up now..
me: and looked beyond the love and lies
it movements so quick and how
8:49 PM Anirudh: the snowflakes have given birth to
wings with which today he flies..
8:50 PM me: and strangely has lit up my night
and made my life
worth the fight
Anirudh: rekindled the light..
and now i'm on a diet!
me: :)


Anonymous said...

whn u write...u make me fall in luv wth u...
whn u do silly things...u make me fall in luv wth u...
whn u say anythin in ur out-of-the-world accent...u make me fall in luv wth u...
whn u turn back suddenly to look behind...u make me fall in luv wth u...
whn u laugh...i swoon...n yet again u make me fall in luv wth u...
phleez lemme know pushpanjali banerjee...
whn is it whn u dn make me fall in luv wth u...???

Anonymous said...

its time u stopped makin me fall in luv wth you...
or else...
or else...
i'll hit ya.

Anirudh Goswamii said...

Listen dude, think twice before writing something like "hit ya". I mean it.

Rohit Talwar said...


push said...

there's that instant when you tune into that wavelength. saved it, before it was gone.