Saturday, March 29, 2008

without me

Maybe I can’t see through

All the games

People play

Maybe I’m stupid

Maybe I just didn’t get it

I’m tired of watching my back

Figuring out what I lack

Cut me some slack

Get back on track

Maybe I can’t be

I can’t see

All those spectacular things

That happened without me

Dreaming in circles

Walking into endless

Complicated situations

Reality based on assumptions

Suicidal dreams

A window into clarity

Soundless screams

Put an end to your charity

Pushpanjali Banerji


Vinni said...

since i dont know the context, assuming there is one, adjectives fail me! But some of the lines are just what i feel at times, especially the first few lines. great poem!


Anonymous said...

Never said aloud
Never whispered
Never even thought-bubbled
To you
Remains the paining load
The burden
Of things I was longing to say
Always, like a hopeful coward
Getting away with an excuse
To say it some fine day

To be flung playfully at you
To make you giggle and brush them off
But like dry petals
Colorless, dead
In my sweaty palms they lay
To be flung at you
Some fine day

With me
All my life
The secrets, the forbidden ones
The foolish, innocent reasons
For wilted roses
N half eaten rotting buns
In my bag
Are destined to stay
With a sweet hope
That to you
Get spilled they may
Some fateful moment
Some fine day

push said...

"But like dry petals
Colorless, dead
In my sweaty palms they lay
To be flung at you
Some fine day"


Anonymous said...

i know thts a bit funny...

Ragini said...

Is your writing chiefly inspired by life?
There's a lot of pain and hurt there and a tinge of bitterness. As if you were left forlorn at the top of a dark staircase and had t ofind your way down alone, on your own, and you stumbled and fell a lot on the way down.

Rohit Talwar said...

I'd have liked this one with beer. Chilled.

Let's catch up soon.

Ragini said...

Do you notice a pattern? Wherever I've commented, this Rohit Talwar has too. Funny ain't it?

push said...

Ragini, I noticed the same thing! Yes. co-incidences can be quite amusing !

push said...

Rohit- I DONT LIKE BEER! what abt that lemony whiskey drink i made u put together? eh, eh?

push said...

@ Ragini-
i think everything is inspired by life, every bit of the world is living in some way..This maybe completely irrelevant, but i was wondering about traffic signals today. and i realized they had more power than a human being. Millions of people stop and move according to its wishes. it had its pride, and end of the day its humility- when it turned yellow, with pegions resting on its head, it seemed to just be doing its job, And, like a saint, it was the source of income for many beggars in the area. Like a human being who likes to help.

guess my writing is too.
Stumbled down the staircase. Maybe. Many times.
This is all the bitterness i have, though.It just comes out on paper, and fades away, as time passes, it disappears.

Kartiek Agarwal said...

your last comment, just absolutely beautiful.