Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Futility in my words

Futility in my being

Oh perfect one

Show me a world

I’ve never seen

Futility in my creations

Futility in my sweat

Futility in my emotions

In the tears I’ve wept

Turn away

The way you have

From my pathetic being

Curse me

The way you do

So drown me in that stream

I don’t want to surface

I don’t want to face

I just wanted to be someone

Whom its futility to erase*.




Anonymous said...

The Silver Gate

Take my hand
See the silver gate
Find the lost smile
Stop cursing the fate

I’m here to take you
To the beyond beyond
A pretty, calm place to be
No more ugly ghosts
No more treacherous demons
There to see

It’s not a distance that long
To that gate
I’ll remind you as we walk
To hum that long forgotten song
Once again
To help you forget the pain
From your habits so black
And die hard
To help you refrain

The hungry, sinister hounds will growl
The evil, desperate gargoyles will sure fly and sweep overhead
On the path laden with pointed gravel
Through dry, dusty storms we shall travel
Up to that silver gate
Under the roaring, angry skies
Of the shade of a slate
Keep up, I’ll walk fast dear
For we must not get late

As we’d hum, they’d go mad
And helter skelter
Our weapon would become the song
And a smile would curl across your white face
To acknowledge the fact that it won’t be long
Before you can lay your trembling fingers
Upon the majestic, shimmering encryptions
Of the big, silver gate
And let out the shout of victory
Into the air beyond
Mingled with scents and chimes
Over the fate
And for not being just a helpless bait

You do want this
You do want bliss
And blow a last kiss
To all the ugly things
And memories
And thoughts and dreams

So get up, take my hand now
And see the silver gate
Find the lost smile
Stop cursing the fate

push said...

Very visual. very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

do you see the silver gate? :)

thatguy. said...

beautiful @anonymous and what you wrote:)

Anonymous said...

i wrote it only for push...
i think she's a cross between two of my favourites, morrison and king

n such crosses are rare...and very precious...

Anonymous said...

i dig ur poems push...
no kidding, i think u should be a writer by profession.

Japna said...

it's like a prayer...

much love.