Monday, October 4, 2010

the same song

she opens the music box
she fills music
into the air
in a stranger's stare

the man and woman
come alive
as the key turns
the heart burns

in circles
they move
silently lost
to be faintly found

what they feel
is not what they reveal
secrets concealed

yet the music box
plays on and on
the same song

the same song

January 13, 2008


nirmal said...


Jasmine said...

There is something very beautifully depressing about music boxes, isn't it?
I don't know if I'd want one..

Anirudh Goswamii said...

Music used to live in a box
The little girl opened the music box to see what was inside.. Music peeked out..saw curious eyes, saw an innocent smile..saw some birds behind her .. and the sway of the trees..heard a sweeper rustle up leaves and scrap on the roadside.. Music paused to thought.. and all this while they thought I was in the box but I'm everywhere.. I'm everything..I'm ..i am.. music is ur god. it'll never betray u.
that's what i'd say.

nirmal said...

he opens the music box
and it fills him up
he has a fascinated stare
for the lovely pair

as the man and woman come alive
he takes a dive
into the forbidden
the hidden

and the magical tune
takes him by his hands
across the shimmering emerald seas
and the moonlit silver sands

to a world
where the keys have no use
the music and the soul
together fuse

and the music box
plays on and on
the same song

the same song

(i know its a bad habit :\)

blinded blue teddy said...

jazz- i know.. its the pattern.. the endlessness of it.

love- :) i love you.

Kriti Malhotra said...

there is something about this post which is disturbing me..