Monday, October 4, 2010

I told someone..

it was about how your other half becomes your whole world... like, why is that??

"Yeah I guess you're right.
But I guess its because loneliness hurts so much more, that when you have someone to share, be there you want to spend time, spend your energy on them. But losing your identity is something else. When you lose sight of what you were, when that someone started loving you, you're depriving them of the real you, and yourself.
I'd say- Be in love. Build that universe. Build your world bigger than its been, bring in all your little habits, your past, present, future, your friends, your mom and your granny. But be in it, as you, the real you, always. "


Jasmine said...

And why not ?

Anirudh Goswamii said...

Reply to MissTree's amazing poem..

I've been where you've been
Where we always would've been
I've seen what you've seen
What we've always wanted to be seen
I've meant what you mean
What we always try to mean

But still I fall and I get up and I fall and I get up and I fall like a bouncy rubber ball.. and fly back higher still..

But the earth on which I fall is the same.. and so am I..its just that my oscillations due to ignorance, greed and foolishness ..only seem visible once I've been through it all..
When will I learn my lessons..
Will it be so after I'm gone from this funny glow-ball called earth?

But I'm glad where I am now.. and I'm on the grass ..with u.

blinded blue teddy said...

:* i love you....
my glow ball..

blinded blue teddy said...

jazzzy!! ;)