Tuesday, December 14, 2010


When the phone didn’t ring

The words didn’t bring

A smile to my face

I wondered why

I stopped feeling alive

Wandering in my mind alone

and in my car

The radio playing on mute

Somehow I’ve lost

Something I cant explain

I’m breaking my head

But the tension in my heart

Whispers again

Nothing’s no good without you

You’re gonna think of me

And I wont

Turn around

Make a sound

Acknowledge you

Maybe then you’ll see…



Kriti Malhotra said...

oh! loved it :)

blinded blue teddy said...

thanks kriti!

R said...

Too mushy for me (or not?) but I like it. Can picture you holding a guitar!

blinded blue teddy said...

R- yeah? lol! i just happened to realize how love can turn into hate when caught out alone. its crazy the different things a person can feel all at once.

Anirudh Goswamii said...


blinded blue teddy said...

:* aiye!!!!!!!!!