Saturday, June 28, 2008

A moment

I had just moved on

And the light of day

Made me feel

I’ve forgotten yesterday.

The dark shades of betrayal

Still hide in the shadows

I dare not look at them

They love to follow.

It feels like your hands

Over my skin

Feels like hands

Tearing everything within..


nirmal said...

now if i may ask how ugly was the betrayal? (not in context of this particular one but most of ur pieces)

push said...

its just a poem, see it as a poem. the person in the poem can feel anything. i cannot answer for her.

Ragini said...

It cannot get uglier than that. Betrayal by a lover, betrayal by a friend. I've seen so much, felt so much, lost faith so much. No faith left, except for a tiny reserve that I'm protecting furiously from those who're out there to get me.

I love the last stanza. Their hands can truly tear us apart.

Kartiek Agarwal said...

Nice work. As long as the hate is passionate, it gives you a reason to live. How many of us have any reason to live anyway. Also, what happened to the teddy in the clouds? I thought it wanted to see the light of the day, but you shut it back behind a barbed wire fence. I thought it might have marked a change in your poetry style. But, oh well :)

nirmal said...

i see. i m convinced whn u'd be famous some day, u'd handle the media pretty well...

V said...

i was betrayed by a friend too.I know how it feels.It's good that they betrayed you coz now you know who not to trust.

Rohit Talwar said...

Superb. The pain, the everlasting effects.. it's all in here. Love the last few lines.